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Hands-On Workshops: September session

We are happy for our first session of hands-on workshops held in our new Headquarters located in Melbourne, FL. We are so honored to host more than 70 people from all over the United States: Alaska, Florida, Texas, Idaho, South Dakota, California, New York and many others. Thank you for traveling to us to see live printing by Frank. 

3D-printed construction takes off in Montana

Building code regulators at the state level, in Montana, made history as the first to approve 3D-printed walls as an equal replacement for traditionally built (CMUs) concrete masonry units, or a concrete block wall. The approval was granted to Tim Stark, a contractor based in Billings, Montana, after filing documents, specifications and testing reports developed by Apis Cor, the Florida-based construction technology company.

Learn more on NBC Montana Link

Nikita Cheniuntai, Founder and CEO of Apis Cor, participates in NYC’s Building Innovation Conference

Over 300 prominent industry leaders gathered at The Times Center to explore the various ways building has evolved and the promising trends of the future, as well as convene honest discussions about ways to create real change and build smarter, faster and bolder in today’s construction environment. Apis Cor’s Nikita Cheniuntai was honored to be invited as panelist to talk about innovation technologies in session “Beyond Modular”.  


Apis Cor’s CEO on TEDx

Anna Cheniuntai was honored to give a speech at the TEDx Deerfield event hosted at Deerfield Academy. The speech answers the popular question, “Can construction 3D printing technology combat the housing crisis?”