Apis Cor presents an exciting opportunity to learn more about construction 3D printing and Apis Cor’s technology from the customer’s perspective.

Here is our first customer webinar with one of Apis Cor’s early adopters, Cured Homes. Cured Homes is a home builder based in Birmingham, AL.

Hear directly from the executives of Cured Homes why they believe the construction industry needs new technology, why they choose to work with Apis Cor,  what is the current situation in the market today and how robotic technology like Apis Cor can bring value to homebuilders and eventually to homebuyers!

Cured Homes will be using  Apis Cor’s robotic system for an in-fill project of 100 affordable homes in Birmingham, AL and potentially expand to 1,000 house projects located in the SouthEast.

2023 is going to be a BIG year for Apis Cor!