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At Apis Cor, we believe that homes should be accessible, affordable and durable. Our proprietary robotic technology aims to increase productivity by building homes quicker and more affordable without compromising quality.  

Frank is a revolutionary robotic 3D printer that will transform the way we think about the construction industry. 


“Frank” is small, mobile, and easy to operate. While “Frank” is conveniently compact, he can print buildings of up to two stories of unlimited square footage. Even better, “Frank” requires no additional assembly; like a model employee, he shows up ready to work minutes after arrival.


Meet Frank’s little brother, the vital mixing and pumping unit. “Gary” has the important job of ensuring a consistently high print quality.  Our revolutionary and proprietary design ensures reliable delivery of 3D print material, ensuring high quality and repeatable builds.



To round out the family, here’s “Mary,” our 3D print material delivery system. No need to haul bulky bags of material around the job site, no mess from mixing by hand, no guessing the correct ratio; rain or shine, “Mary” has it under control.  Simply connect her pneumatic hose to “Frank” and” Gary” and the whole family is ready to work. Just add water. It is that simple.



This trailer and a pick-up truck are the only pieces of equipment needed to transport Frank and Gary, it is as simple as that!


Meet Frank and Gary: our pioneering construction 3D printer and mixer duo that revolutionizes the way we build homes. Capable of printing wall structures for houses of any dimension, Frank and Gary combine efficiency with convenience. 

Hear directly from Apis Cor’s subcontractor who worked with Frank on our project in Space Coast, Florida!

Just like seasoned construction workers, they exit through the door upon finishing their tasks, with no assembly or disassembly required. 

Despite their powerful capabilities, Frank and Gary are designed to fit within a standard trailer, easily towed by vehicles such as the F250, Dodge 2500, or equivalents, making them a game-changer in accessible and innovative construction technology.

We have strong expertise not only in robots but also in construction technologies! We always test and adopt better solutions to optimize the construction process. You may wonder how we do reinforcement for the walls. We can do it traditionally, as is done for concrete block walls, but recently we discovered and successfully tested an even better approach. Learn more in the video:

Frank and Gary are capable of printing walls for any building size, ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 sq.ft. Their mobility allows them to quickly move and start printing new sections of a house with minimal downtime. It takes less than 25 minutes for Frank to relocate to a new printing area, calibrate, perform a dry run, and identify positions for vertical reinforcement. This process eliminates the need for cranes, assembly/disassembly, pallet jacks, or large crews, simplifying construction logistics.

Through years of building and testing our technology and deploying it to build permitted, occupied houses, we have accumulated first-hand experience and knowledge about construction 3D printing, and we are always happy to share it with you. Feel free to watch our customer webinar!