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Construction with robotic precision

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Apis Cor is a construction technology company that’s developing advanced robotics technology to combat the housing crisis.

Not only have we constructed the largest 3D printed building in the world, we additionally printed a commercial building in Boca Chica, Texas and received the highest awards in NASA’s Space Habitat Challenge. Now, we are ready to bring automated construction to every builder in America.

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Our journey spans from an iconic tiny home, to the world’s largest 3D printed office towering atop a blistering desert metropolis. Apis Cor’s journey continues as we reach for the stars and shape a prosperous future where housing is affordable and accesible to everyone. 

Small but mighty, the world’s most recognized 3D printed house.
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The largest 3D-printed building on Earth to date is a two-story administrative building, standing at 32 feet tall with an area of 6,900 sq.ft.
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America's first commercially permitted 3D printed building located in Boca Chica, TX
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Residential 3D printed house in Missouri and Apis Cor’s first house implementing 3D walls as comparable to concrete block walls, designed and tested by Apis Cor
Finalists in NASA's 3D printed Habitat Challenge to advance the construction technology needed to create sustainable housing solutions for Earth and beyond
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We are developing technology to build low-rise buildings all robotically. Using precision through concrete 3D printing, we can build concrete, durable houses within 2-3 months and within a week in the future, allowing homebuilders to expand their construction output while reducing costs. Currently in the market, we’ve already deployed our technology in Dubai, Boca Chica TX, and Missouri, with more locations on the way.

Apis Cor is an American construction technology company headquartered in Melbourne, FL that develops proprietary robotic technologies and materials to advance the construction industry. Apis Cor is backed by Alchemist Accelerator, the premier accelerator for Enterprise startups, and At One Ventures, a VC and private equity firm backing early-stage, deep tech ventures that encourage and support a world where humanity is a net positive to nature and that focus on reducing their footprint on the planet. We are proud to be a resident of the Autodesk Technology Centers Outsight Network.

Our mission

is to rethink and improve the construction process to make housing affordable and accessible. We believe housing should be built better, and faster. That’s why we use automation to expand the construction industry, utilizing robotic construction technologies to increase productivity to reach this goal. Overall, we believe we equip homebuilders with the right tools and technology to revolutionize housing.

Invest in the Future of Construction

The world needs to build more than two billion new homes over the next 80 years and we think we have the technology and adaptability to do it. Invest in Apis Cor today.


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