Apis Cor is the First construction 3D printing pure player to make a public offer, targeting Nasdaq listing within 3 years.

Apis Cor is the first construction 3D printing pure player to receive official Regulation A+ qualification by the SEC to begin offering shares to both accredited and non-accredited investors. Regulation A+ is an exemption from registration for public offerings with two offering tiers: Tier 1, for offerings of up to $20 million in a 12-month period; and Tier 2, for offerings of up to $75 million in a 12-month period.


“We are so pleased to reach this milestone in our journey to revolutionize the construction industry,” said Anna Cheniuntai, CEO and Co-Founder of Apis Cor. “We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to not only developing this technology, but also to provide people with the opportunity to join us in reimagining how construction works. We’re doing that through education, awareness, accessibility to 3D-printing knowledge, and investment opportunities. 3D-printing the walls of a building is only the beginning. We are now poised to lead the way in an estimated $16.6-trillion-dollar industry.”


Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/apis-cor-becomes-first-3d-printed-home-technology-company-officially-qualified-by-us-securities-and-exchange-commission-to-sell-shares-under-regulation-a-offering-301458779.html

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