Apis Cor has been selected in Class 26 (April – Nov 2020 cohort) Alchemist Accelerator – a Premier Accelerator for Enterprise Startups. Khosla, DFJ, Cisco, SAP, USVP Backed. It is focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises (not consumers). The accelerator’s primary screening criteria is on teams, with primacy placed on having distinctive technical co-founders. The accelerator seeds around 50 enterprise-monetizing ventures / year.


Watch Apis COr Presentation by Anna Cheniuntai, CEO and Co-founder of Apis Cor:

“There is great power if you can build a product that changes howan entrenched industry operates.These products are powerful,because the initial product itself can be worth billions, but all the ancillary products and services that are needed with that change can be even 10x that.”


RAVI BELANI, Managing Director of Alchemist Accelerator


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