Technical specifications of construction 3D printer

What is the output capacity of the printer 3D?

Performance of the 3D printer for 1 cubic meter of the building structure (a wall consisting of two straight layers, connected by a bridge sine wave (Pic 1), 150 mm thick.) - is 2 machine-hour, or 6,7 sq.m. of partitions in 120 minutes.

The same volume for structure 400 mm. thick with additional straight layer (Pic 2) is 1.13 machine-hours, or 2.5 sq.m. of wall in 68 minutes. In this case the output is constant and doesn’t vary from machine to machine, unlike people, and it does not depend on the complexity and frequency of curves of the building structure.


What is the thickness of the printed layer, can it be changed?

The dimensions of the standard cross-section of a printed layer is 2.5 x 2.5 cm, but it is an easily adjustable parameter, it all depends on the size of the cross section of the installed extruder.

What area can be covered using an Apis Cor 3D printer?

The current version of the construction 3D printer covers an area of 132 sq.m. To print buildings and structures of large size two or more synchronized with each other 3D printers can be used.

What is the height of the building structure that can be printed?

With the current version of construction 3D printer it is possible to print a vertical building structure  up to 3300 mm high without moving the 3D printer.

What are the dimensions and weight of the 3D printer?

Dimensions of the Apis Cor 3D printer in folded state: 4×1,6×1,5 m, weight - 2 tons.

What is the printing accuracy?

If the printing process complies with all the technical specifications, precision is up to 0.5 mm.

How fast can the 3D printer print?

The printer is capable of printing at speeds up to 10 m/min. Printer speed is automatically calculated using embedded program, and it depends on the printing path. The velocity reaches maximum when the path is linear and slows down when printing corners.

How durable is the equipment?

Through the use of high-reliability and high-quality components the durability of the construction 3D printer is at least 10 years.