Printing mix and accessories

What mixes are used for the 3D printing of constructions?

For 3D printing the construction printer uses a specially developed mortar mix on cement base with the addition of special additives, including reinforcing ones. Regular concrete solutions shouldn’t be used due to the equipment design and technology. In that case we can not guarantee the stated characteristics of printed structures and equipment operation.

Are the resulting buildings compliant with the construction regulations?

3D printed structures comply with safety standards, energy efficiency and environmental performance, as confirmed by the reference test protocols

What can happen when using other printing mixes?

Using non certified printing mix during 3D printing process using the Apis Cor 3D printer can result in equipment damage. The resulting construction design will not meet the safety requirements of mechanical strength, waterproofing and vapor permeability, heat and frost resistance, environmental safety, and other. Using non certified printing mix voids hardware warranty. The Company is not responsible for the strength and other mechanical characteristics of the resulting building structure. Apis Cor company warranty is nullified if customer uses construction mixed that are not licensed by Apis Cor.

How much does the printing mix cost?

The cost of construction mixture varies depending on volume and composition of the mixture, depending on the climatic characteristics of the region in which the construction will be carried out. At the moment, the cost of our formula ranges from 6000 to 9000 rubles per cubic meter for the Russian Federation market.

Where to buy printing mix for 3D printer?

To purchase dry construction mix you can reach our company and we will find a suitable construction mix factory near you and provide them with recipe and technological specifications for the mix.

Where to buy armature inserts and other accessories?

Most of the components used in the process of construction are standard. They can be purchased from most manufacturers and sellers of building materials.

In what form does the mixture come?

Construction mixture comes in dry form and is mixed with water in a mobile automated mix and supply unit (MAU), which is provided in the kit.