Printer purchase and service

Who can buy the printer?

The Apis Cor company is an engineering company that provides technological solutions in the field of construction 3D printing, as well as the adaptation of construction 3D mixes for your climatic conditions, using local inert materials.

Apis Cor technology has proven itself to be an effective solution; however, detailed economical estimations, technical solutions and certifications are the fields where we still require development. Therefore, at this stage, we sell the equipment only to those construction companies that can provide all the necessary engineering and economic calculations for the successful implementation of construction projects, based on the basic set of technical solutions.

It is essential that potential partner company has considerable experience in the construction market, as well as sufficient resources to ensure the successful implementation of projects using our technology.

We understand that many companies want to use our technology today, but at the moment we are not ready to give everyone a ready business solution for using our product on a specific market and under specific requirements. Therefore, if your company is not yet ready to allocate resources for the work and calculations described above, we propose that you wait until it is done by other companies. As these issues are resolved, we will publish the relevant materials so that interested companies can see how the situation progresses.

If your company meets the requirements above, and you want to be a pioneer in construction 3D printing, to start using an advanced solution in the construction industry, conduct your own research and start implementing your projects, please send a request for commercial offer for equipment purchase.

How much does the equipment cost?

Send us a request and we will reply with a commercial offer.

What is included in the construction 3D printing kit?

The package includes the following equipment: construction 3D printer and printing material mixing and supply unit, a set of tools and spare parts, as well as maintenance documentation for the equipment.

Where can I buy the printer?

At the moment, a set of equipment for the 3D construction can only be purchased in the Apis Cor company.

What warranty is provided for the equipment?

The warranty period for the basic nodes and equipment units is 1 year.

How and where the equipment maintenance is carried out?

Maintenance services of the construction 3D printer and printing material mixing and supply unit is carried out through by Apis Cor company.

Terms and conditions of delivery?

The equipment shipment term is 6 months after a prepayment of 70% of equipment cost. Second payment of 30% is conducted when the equipment is shipped from the factory.

Where can I get training?

Equipment operator training is required to work with 3D printing equipment. Equipment commissioning works and training of 2 operators of the Buyer are included in the delivery price.

Can I purchase the equipment by leasing?

Yes, there is such a possibility as 3D printers are highly liquid equipment, so the leasing companies are very eager to finance such deals. Availability and contact information of financial institutions providing leasing in your area can be checked in the partners section, by selecting countries and the type of partner you are interested in, such as “leasing”.

What is the lifetime of the equipment before the first node replacement?

This period depends on the wear of a pair of gerotor concrete pump in the automated mortar preparation and feeding unit, with an average of 120 cubic meters concrete solution used in the process of 3D printing.