Construction economics

What are the benefits of using 3D technology in comparison with traditional construction?

Благодаря использованию технологии 3D печати достигаются следующие выгоды:

1. The construction process excludes certain types of materials, logistics and labor for them, such as formwork.

2. Reducing the number of personnel involved in construction, and as a result – reducing cost on:

  • Servicing personnel (transportation, catering, expenses for clothing and so on.)
  • insurance, taxes, hospital and so on.

3. The technology can significantly reduce the cost of construction of  buildings with unique architecture. 3D printers are not limited to rectilinear shapes (Figure 1). Walls of the future buildings can be curved, with acute and obtuse angles, radial turns, etc. and it does not affect the cost of construction - only the volume of the building structure is taken into account.

4. Reducing the time - 3D printer does not need a break for lunch and weekends, it can work around the clock and is much faster than a person.

5. Improving the quality and reliability of building structure by eliminating the human factor – personnel incompetence and construction errors.

6. Reduction of time and labor for the installation of utilities due to the fact that the printed design includes the space for laying engineering communications.

7. In the course of construction there is no waste or debris, that would require removal from construction sites and recycling.

What is the cost of 3D printing?

The cost of printing of 1 m³ of finished building structure is composed of many factors, such as the configuration and thickness of the wall, grade of the mixture used, the location of the construction, etc. The exact value can be calculated only on the basis of the building project.

The main type of building structure (wall) is done in the form of two rectilinear layers connected with sinusoidal bridge (Fig. 1). In this embodiment of 1m² wall the thickness is 300 mm requires 0.093 m³ of printing mixture. To date, the cost of construction calculated to be 6000 to 9000 rubles per m³. Calculation example for the building cost can seen here 

Given on Figure 1 the configuration of the building structure is not the only one possible. The configuration of the internal bridge can be changed, for example, by increasing the period of a sine wave and saving material (Figure 2) or even in the form of cells, changing the bearing capacity of the structure (Figure 3), and adding straight layers for insulating structures (Figure 4).