STUPINO. The First Small Innovation City


On the practical scientific conference, which is to be held in the administration of the Stupino municipal district, on the 14th of November during the practical part of the ceremony a signing of the cooperation agreement between the StupInno production association and Apis Cor company will take place.

Apis Cor will become our first partner as a socially-oriented business which is ready to share income from entrepreneurial activity with citizens — potential consumers of its products — houses built in the shortest time with a unique 3D printing technology, based on the «smart contracts».

Apis Cor will conduct its activities in a Small Innovation City Stupino by directly... Building it! No more late completions of projects! Using maternity capital a family can literally move in a spacious house which is situated in an ecologically clean district within a month and enjoy the whole innovation infrastructure — from educational courses for all ages up to implementing innovative projects, with the support of State development institutions.

We have agreed with Nikita Chen-iun-tai that from the outset we will cooperate openly with reflection of all the agreements on social networks. On the conference the Apis Cor will be represented by Anna Chen-iun-tai.


Therefore the text of the cooperation agreement to be signed between our companies is cited below ↓


Stupino city, November 14th 2016

StupInno production association and Apis Cor company agreed to cooperate with the aim of creating a socio-economic model of Small Innovation City.

StupInno confirms allocation of land for the construction of the creative cluster of Small Innovation residential town of Stupino with the administration of the Stupino municipal district and develops standards of contemporary socio-economic regulations involving scientific consultants and expert community.

Apis Cor introduces Apis Cor 3D printer as a share in StupInno on conditions of construction works in creative residential cluster of affordable housing with a social price of 15 thousand roubles. per sq.m. within the joint program aimed at support of low-income families.

Economic relations of participants are displayed in real time on open information platform using «smart contracts» by recording all transactions in blockchain.

Software algorithm of «smart contracts» for income distribution from joint activities: 50% — Apis Cor, 20% — Innovation financial center of Special Economic Zone, 30% — StupInno, with subsequent distribution to 100 thousand accounts of potential shareholders.


Stages of works implementation under given contract:

  • Design works — first quarter, 2017.

  • Preparatory works — second quarter, 2017.

  • Construction works — third quarter, 2017.