Samsung Electronics has become a partner of the Apis Cor project


Synthesis of high technologies: Apis Cor announces partnership with «Samsung» company.

Samsung Electronics company announces its participation in the project together with Apis Cor to demonstrate how advanced modern technologies can complement each other — especially within the first house in Russia which will be printed using a 3D printer.

To illustrate how 3D printing solves the issue of embedding home appliances and electronics of various formats, solutions from Samsung will be installed in the house. For example, a premium SUHD TV JS9500 with a diagonal of 78 inches.

The Samsung JS9500 TV delivers an incredibly realistic image. Accuracy, saturation and clean colors are enabled by use of the enhanced color rendering technology «Nano Crystal Color», and thanks to the unique image processing algorithm viewers can enjoy an image in a quality close to UHD. Revolutionary SUHD Samsung TV with curved screen allows to immerse yourself in a fantastic virtual reality and feel yourself in the center of events occurring on the screen.


The results of partners’ joint work can be seen at the presentation of the finished building, which will be held from 9 to 11th of December in the city of Stupino.


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