Change your life with Apis Cor 2.0


The contest is over!

We announce the launch of the second competition for position of the design engineer


We are looking for people who

  • are interested in new technologies;
  • can think creatively and unconventionally;
  • understand mechanisms in detail and know how they work;
  • can develop a project from its draft design stage and until its full visualization and implementation;
  • have always disassembled and tinkered with their toys to find out how they work and still do it with their cars, bicycles and gadgets.

We need people who

  • Are able and not afraid to work with their hands;
  • Basic knowledge of or experience in Autocad/Solid Works/Inventor;
  • Strive to do something big and significant in their lives;
  • Are able to take joy from work and being a part of a project;
  • Are communicative;
  • Can back up their point of view with arguments and explain it without excessive arguing;
  • Can provide solutions to a problem;
  • Are always ready to do more than what’s listed in their duties;
  • Have a clear understanding of their life goals and work towards them;
  • Strive for perfection in everything;
  • Know that if they can’t do something 100% — they do it 110%.


Apis Cor team engineers bear a full responsibility, including material responsibility, for a developed node.
We do not tolerate negligence and lack of attention, each engineer should understand that the whole team and project depend on his work.

If you believe that you match the given requirements — then take part in our contest.


Apis Cor Design Engineer position contest will take place in 2 rounds

1st round: 30 January − 27 February 2017

To participate in the first round, send us an email with a subject «I want to change my life with Apis Cor!» and attach your solution to the following task.

2nd round: 6 − 10 March 2017

Skype interview with the lead Apis Cor engineer.





According to the contest results we will choose winners who will become a part of our team and receive tickets to Moscow The probationary period is 1 month.

Terms of payment during probation period: Airfare to Moscow, salary of 60000 ₽ if has experience in Autocad/Solidworks/Inventor and 40000 ₽ in absence of such experience. If probation is unsuccessful, return tickets are not compensated, 30% of the accommodation cost during the period of probation is withheld from salary.

Work terms after passing probation period: salary 60000 ₽ and accommodation. In the absence of the requisite experience in Autocad/Solidworks/Inventor winners are trained in the Apis Cor company with salary of 40000 ₽ until completion of the training course.

Development office is located in Moscow, Baumanskaya subway station. Testing facility is located in Stupino city, Moscow region.

You have a chance to work in an international high-tech company with an opportunity to go, work and live abroad and even to print the first house on Mars!

Participate in our contest, and perhaps you are the one specialist that we need so much.