PIK Group Company became a partner of the first Russian 3D construction project



Группа компаний «ПИК»From 9th to 11th of December 2106 in Stupino city a presentation of the first 3D printed house in Russia will take place. Project is directly implemented by the developer of the used technology — Russian company «Apis Cor» with assistance of PIK Group Company.

During this project on the territory of «Stupino Aerated Concrete» factory a single story building of 36,8 square meters will be built. The project is aimed at demonstrating possibilities of construction 3D printing in Russian conditions. PIK Group became the first buyer of «Apis Cor» construction 3D printing equipment. Interest in this technology is connected with a priority activity direction of the group — constructing affordable housing. PIK is a leading company on the Russian housing construction market. It’s also listed as a core company of Russian economy.


«Apis Cor» company is located in Moscow. It has developed a mobile construction 3D printer. This device weights 2.5 tons and is capable of erecting 100 sq. m. of concrete walls per day.