Future is now


In Irkutsk for the first time in Russia successful tests of géobeton (geopolymer¹ concrete) were made in printing constructions on the mobile 3D-printer. A Russian-Italian company Renca² Rus, LLC has elaborated and tested various compositions of geobeton based on geopolymer binder for the technology of 3D-printing on mobile construction printer of the company Apis Cor³. This experience is unique. Both technologies are at the start of conquering the construction market, but the representatives of both companies believe that the future is in fast and eco-friendly construction.

The tests have shown a high efficiency of geobeton. Due to its specific composition an ideal for 3D printing consistency of the mixture was reached. This shortens the time of construction - the houses can be built within hours. The elaborated formula of geobeton is the most suitable for the technology of 3D printing due to a higher thixotropy, fluidity and an ability to adjust the setting time, with a constantly high mechanical strength (compressive strength reaches 100 MPa and more). Moreover geobeton is cost-efficient eco-friendly material thanks to the use of industrial byproducts.


Engineers of the company Renca Rus plan to modify compositions of the mixtures to adjust them both for the hot climate and severely cold temperatures, as well as to create the mixtures on the base of various local raw materials in the regions of Russia and worldwide to optimise the cost and properties of geobeton and to enable its efficient implementation with the mobile construction 3D printer of Apis Cor.


¹ Geopolymers

² Company Renca Rus, LLC

³ Apis Cor