In Stupino city, Russia, Apis Cor company will hold a demonstration of 3D printing technology



From 9 to 11-th of December, on the territory of the “Stupino aerated concrete” factory "Apis Cor" will demonstrate the possibilities of mobile 3D printing technology: we will show the process of creating small shapes on a printer of our own design and will hold a presentation of a finished building.

We invite everyone to see how the printer works, and become a guest of the world's only residential house erected using mobile construction 3D printing.

The event will be attended by our engineers and developers who will talk about the intricacies of working with equipment, introduce the new technology and will answer the questions.


For those interested in purchasing the printer, we would like to announce: sales launch is scheduled for 9th of December. In early December we will publish detailed information with technical data and printer cost on our website. Stay tuned for more news!

In order to participate in the event registration is OBLIGATORY.


Registration is finished. Event concluded on 11th of December.


* If you are a private person, please type "I love Apis Cor"

Stupino factory is a closed high-security enterprise. In order to pass the security, please bring your identification document. Foreign visitors will receive assistance in preparing the invitations.

If you are going to arrive as a delegation there is no need to fill separate forms, you can send the information about your delegation members to



When and where the event will take place

Location: Russia, Moscow region, Stupino city, Transportnaya street 22/2, Stupino aerated concrete plant.

Time: 9th to 10th December, from 11:00 to 17:00. 11th December, from 11:00 to 15:00



How to get

1) Take the airport taxi — ride.

Take the train from Paveletskaya station to Stupino. To plan your route ahead please see the train schedule.

Please take note: the trip from Moscow to Stupino takes almost two hours, keep that in mind in order to arrive in time.

Where to stay

Hotels in Stupino

Adress: Stupino
Prospekt Pobedy street, 42
Tel.: +7 496 649-20-88

Adress: Stupino
Pristancionnaya street, 6
Tel.: +7 496 642-70-71, 8 910 419-93-01




If you have not yet decided whether your company should buy the "Apis Cor" 3D printer, please come to see the demonstration and learn more about the technology and equipment. This will help you to make an informed buying decision. We are waiting for you.


We are building the future today. See you on the construction site!