Apis Cor and Sunconomy are launching a joint charity project



On November 11th Apis Cor and Sunconomy are launching a joint campaign on IndieGoGo.

Sunconomy company is located in Texas, United States, and is actively engaged in solving the problem of affordable and environmentally friendly housing. Sunconomy representatives invited Apis Cor company to participate in the charity project and build homes for the needy.

We reach out to all compassionate people and invite you to join the campaign and participate in fundraising to build houses for people who can't afford a roof over their heads.

To do this, click on the link, select a prize and make a donation, amount of which is determined by yourself. Even a small contribution can help us to achieve common success, especially if the event will be supported by thousands of people.

The funds raised will go towards the construction of two homes that will be built using the world's first mobile 3D printing technology "Apis Cor". One of the houses will be given to the family of a veteran who received a disability during the course of the war in Iraq, the second house will be donated to charity that rehabilitates and trains prison inmates who were granted parole so they could start a new life and benefit society.




Apis Cor team believes that this act of goodwill will help people learn more about the possibilities of new technology aimed at solving the housing problem around the world. We want people to see and appreciate all the advantages of an innovative approach to construction.

On completion of houses construction for charitable purposes, the company plans to start building the world's first Eco-village. In these houses, printed using Apis Cor technology Apis Cor, research centers for robotics and 3D printing will be established.

We want to make this technology accessible to everyone on the planet.

Help us to improve people's lives and make construction of affordable and quality housing a reality today.




* Designs, drawings and 3D images of the project houses are intellectual property of the Sunconomy company.