Bitex company became a partner of Apis Cor


BITEX is a German company, which, for more than 50 years, has been leading a traditional family business in the field of development, production and marketing of paint and reinforcement materials. For many years the company has accumulated vast professional experience and is a reliable partner for trade construction networks, architects and building companies.

Currently, throughout Europe there are 6 production sites, which produce high-quality decorative paints and plasters for interior and exterior use. Primers, adhesive mixes for adhesion and leveling, certified thermal insulation systems are not only high quality products for repair and heat insulation of old and new buildings, but also provide long-term protection and preservation of objects at the highest level.

Materials quality is guaranteed not only by the continuous improvement of products and use the high-quality chemistry, but by adherence to specific desires and needs of clients. It can be seen on the example of domestic paints, which are free of harmful substances and additives.

From projects to issuance of the necessary products and system solutions, clients have the advantage of vast company experience and BITEX philosophy: «We will find and develop the best solution for your project».

BITEX — German Technology