"Startup of the Year" awarded to Apis Cor

According to 2016 annual results Apis Cor was recognized as the best harware startup


The first on-site house has been printed in Russia

The first house printed using mobile 3D printing technology has been built in Stupino town, Moscow region


Bitex company became a partner of Apis Cor

BITEX is a German company, which has been leading business in the field of development, production and marketing of paint and reinforcement materials


Apis Cor will provide expert training courses in «MARCH» architectural school

On February 9th the new Intensives PRO open day


Change your life with Apis Cor 2.0

We announce the launch of the second competition for position of the design engineer


TechnoNICOL company partners with Apis Cor project

TechnoNICOL — Construction Systems — one of the largest international suppliers of building insulation


Samsung Electronics has become a partner of the Apis Cor project

The first printed house will have electrical appliances from Samsung


PIK Group Company became a partner of the first Russian 3D construction project

Russia’s first 3D printed house presentation will takes place from 9th to 11th of December


In Stupino city, Russia, Apis Cor company will hold a demonstration of 3D printing technology

9-11th of December, we invite everyone to look at the world's first residential house printed the “Apis Cor” technology.


STUPINO. The First Small Innovation City

Apis Cor will become our first partner as a socially-oriented business which is ready to share income from entrepreneurial activity with citizens