What makes apis-cor 3D printer unique

Mobile printer is an efficient operational unit. A smart machine that can be easily delivered  to the site, requires minimum time and energy to start working in the field. It does it work full 100 percent.  

By “hiring” a printer for work you free some of your resources. You save on labor costs, dealing with construction waste, renting construction machinery, tools, house finishing. 

One printer can replace a whole team of construction workers, saving time without loss of quality.


“Apis Cor“ Mobile 3D printer prints while remaining inside of the building. While having small dimensions it is easily transported and doesn’t require a long preliminary preparation before construction.

1 mobile crane
for printer transport

Printer has compact dimensions of 4×1,6×1,5 m. Weighs 2 tons — like a common SUV. These factors allows for its convenient transportation.

2 people required for operation control and material supply

We have maximally automated the printer operation thus minimizing human errors.

We’ve also developed special software for printer control which doesn’t have analogs in the world. 

8 KW of power consumed by operating printer

This is as much power as is needed for 5 electrical teapots working simultaneously.


Quick, eco-friendly and cheap. Construction can be like this if you trust all the hard work to smart machines and use new technologies.

Since 2000 in America, China, Russia and other countries started developing the use of 3D printing in construction industry. But we are the first to start building houses not from the outside, but from the inside.

To print a house from the outside a portal type 3D printer is required. These printers are bulky, heavy and equal in size to the house itself. Before starting construction using such printers companies have to do a serious work: first they need to transport parts of the printer to site, and then assemble it and set it up for work.

30 minutes required for installation and set-up

Thanks to the stabilization system implemented as two active counterweights it’s possible to  install the printer without attaching in on any surface with no need for preliminary site preparation.

All preparations basically include providing power source for the printer and attaching it to printing mixture supply line: concrete, geopolymer, fiber concrete.

132 m² printing zone

Printer itself is a rotating manipulator art that is capable of covering the area from a single point, limited by the size of extendable arm.

To increase the printing zone it’s sufficient to simply move the printer from one point and start construction in the other.

0 kg construction waste

Printer constructs a building with fiber concrete or geopolymer. Mixture is supplied in preset doses and with precise timing. Machine prints layer by layer and doesn’t leave any excess waste that would require cleanup.

Horizontal stabilization

Printer has an automatic horizontal stabilization system. 
Every cylinder is attached to a separate hydraulic pump with servo control. Сcylinder positioning precision - 0,1 mm. Equipment automatically stabilizes horizontally with precision inclinometer and PID controller.


General costs economy per project totals up to 40% in comparison with a regular concrete building. We offer a pricing per square meter which none of the quality housing construction companies can provide.

Foundation works  — minus 15%

Printer prints a retained framework for foundation, in which reinforcing armatures are installed and heavy concrete is poured in. 

Building frame construction — minus 25%

Machine builds a retained framework for a ferroconcrete base, self bearing walls and partitions. With ferroconcrete as its core the building has all the engineering calculations methods  readily available.  

Outer and inner finishing – minus 60%

Printer prints walls with machine precision and makes them even and smooth. Roughing stage can be skipped straight to final finishing.

Services — minus 20%

We plan the layout of electrical junctions, engineering systems and nodes within the house in advance. Then we upload the project in the software and get a ready blueprint for laying down inner services. 

Logistics — minus 20-30%

By reducing a considerable amount of additional work there is no need for extra tools and materials. 3D printing technology lowers general material consumption of construction.

  • House has even floors and walls – ready to be painted.
  • No construction waste on building site.
  • Free selection of wall thickness and configuration
  • Building has better insulation properties thanks to air pockets within walls.
  • House is unaffected by weather conditions due to special mix additives.
  • Building cost is lower than that of its regular concrete counterpart.
  • Walls can be additionally insulated with any suitable materials.


Max. operation area 132 m²
Max. height from a single point 3100 mm
Output  100 m2 of effective area per 24 hours
Working movement speed 1 – 10 m/min
Idling speed X/ Y 20.000 mm/min 
Positioning precision ±0,5 mm
Repeated positioning precision 0,1–0,2 mm
X / Y / Z axis drive servodrive
X / Y axis linear guides precision profile
Z axis positioning precision 0,1-0,2 mm
Automatic horizontal stabilization High-precision inclinometer 0.0001 degree
Reverse switches non-contact on all axes
Extrusion head position tracking gyroscope and laser rangefinder
Spatial stabilization PID controller
Length 4–8,5 m
Width 1,6 m
Height 1,5 m
Weight 2,0 t

Automated mixing and pump system

With automated mixing and pump system process of printing in executed with machine precision. Precalculated and stable proportions of components allows to produce a construction mixture with guaranteed quality.

Efficient mixing

Our mixing system allows an excellent mixture quality. It handles big volumes of material with ease, providing an optimal flow speed and supply proportions of printing mixture.

Ease of use

The mixer is extremely easy to use. It has a handy panel with comprehensive indication and logical error code display.

Fast cleaning

Mixer structure includes polyurethane components which, unlike metallic ones, allow to avoid caking of mixture. By reducing the amount of sediment on mixer surfaces cleaning procedures require less time and effort.

Increased durability

Combination of plated and polyurethane components greatly increases mixer durability.


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