• Samsung Electronics has become a partner of the Apis Cor project

    The first printed house will have electrical appliances from Samsung


  • PIK Group Company became a partner of the first Russian 3D construction project

    Russia’s first 3D printed house presentation will takes place from 9th to 11th of December


  • In Stupino city, Russia, Apis Cor company will hold a demonstration of 3D printing technology

    9-11th of December, we invite everyone to look at the world's first residential house printed the “Apis Cor” technology.


  • STUPINO. The First Small Innovation City

    Apis Cor will become our first partner as a socially-oriented business which is ready to share income from entrepreneurial activity with citizens


  • Apis Cor and Sunconomy are launching a joint charity project

    On November 11th we start collecting donations for the family of a veteran who received a 100% disability during the course of the war in Iraq


  • Future is now

    Apis Cor engineers and representatives of russian-italian company Renka Rus have succesfully conducted geopolymer tests for building construction printing.


  • We invite you to visit the 3D Print Expo conference in Moscow

    Apis Cor representatives will be presenting features and possibilities of construction 3D printing.


  • Apis Cor has signed an agreement with Sunconomy company

    Sunconomy and Apis-Cor will change the way affordable, smart, sustainable housing is built.


  • Change your life with Apis Cor

    Apis Cor World's first mobile construction 3D printer company Apis Cor is looking for design engineers!


  • The winner of the “Technostart-2016”

    The final of “Technostart-2016” competiton by Skolkovo


  • MosBuilld exhibition has already begun!

    “Apis Cor” company invites you to visit our booth №S113, pavilion 7, hall 6.


  • Construction 3D printer APIS COR is declared a winner of Startup Tour 2016 in Irkutsk

    The innovation economy roadshow was organized by representatives of innovation development fund “Skolkovo”.


  • Apis Cor plans to print houses using Geopolymer in future

    Apis Cor engineers have met with Russian-Italian company “RENKA RUS” to research possibilities of using Geopolymer is construction 3D printing.


  • Apis Cor has made it into top 8 best construction innovations

    Mobile 3D-printer Apis Cor is listed in the top most coolest construction industry innovations of 2015.


  • Apis Cor has opened the first representative office in the USA

    San-Francisco is the first American city in which we have open a company representative office.


24 hours to build a 100 square meters house 

On seven continents there live millions of people who dream to improve their living conditions but cannot afford it.

Good housing costs much. Or at least it used to.

Today we have 3D printing, mobile printer and new types of construction materials to build houses in a quick and efficient way.


  • article2017-01-12

    Aerated concrete blocks and 3D printing: Technology perspectives

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    Eco-material causes an eco-catastrophe: is it possible?

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    Apis Cor organic 3D printing principle

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    Construction 3D-printing

  • article2016-11-22

    Can a house be printed using a 3D printer?

Mobile 3D printer has made it into the top most coolest innovations
in the 2015 construction industry


Buy the printer

If you are interested in buying the printer kit, please visit the “buy a printer” page and leave your contact information in the form. Our specialist will contact you within 48 hours. You can ask any questions you may have, discuss details and make an order for commercial use printer kit.



We can build a cottage village in a short time. Construct building frames for low rise housing projects. Save time and money via cutting labor costs, building materials and tools. Protect your reputation, insure the quality of construction.

A usual house with unusual technology

Nobody can be surprised with a concrete house.  Yet why do people who hear about us for the first time have questions?

It’s all about technology and materials that we are using. Phrases like “to print a house” or “fiber concrete house” sound unusual. And it’s hard to make a step towards unusual things. But there is always a man that is the first to put on bell-bottomed trousers or sing gospel onstage. And so unusual things become a part of our daily life.

3D printing in construction industry is just starting to pick up speed. Yet it’s only a question of time. The process is moving on and soon a phrase “to print a house” will become as common as “to build a house”.


Interview with the founder

Media about us

  • «Amazing industrial 3D printer fits in a truck, can print an entire building in 24 hours».

    Digital Trends

  • "The reality of entire buildings being constructed in one day would be mindblowing in urban areas alone, but just imagine the real impact for developing countries. The Apis Cor could literally change people’s lives in a day."


  • "The Apis Cor 3D Printer is looking to revolutionize the usage of 3D printers for construction purposes, especially for developing nations where such low-cost and time-efficient methods are essential."


  • «Мобильный строительный 3D-принтер Apis Cor – интересный проект, который может составить конкуренцию работам Андрея Руденко и итальянской WASP».


  • Hausbau per 3D-Drucker ist längst keine Zukunftsmusik mehr, bisherige Demonstrationen haben aber die Limitierungen der Technologie gezeigt. Häuser wurden meist nicht vor Ort "gedruckt"…

  • «Уникальность изобретения в его конструкции и производительности. Отличительная особенность модели – принтер печатает, находясь внутри дома, а не снаружи, что увеличивает  эффективность и мобильность печати».


  • «Apis Cor Mobile 3D Printer Seeks to Bring 3D Printed Construction On-Site».

    3D Printing Industry

  • "At a time when poverty in both developing and developed countries is still a prevalent problem, the Apis Cor can offer promising solutions."


  • «В полку строительных 3D-принтеров прибыло. Создан новый мобильный принтер, который отличается от предыдущих моделей не только конструктивно, но и качественно – он более экономичен и печатает быстрее».


  • 设计师开发出非常可行的建筑3D打印机Apis Cor

  • Строительный 3D-принтер APIS COR, который разработала иркутская компания «Апис Кор» — резидент регионального машиностроительного кластера, назван одним из победителей Startup Tour 2016 в Иркутске.

  • О своем желании инвестировать в проект уже объявили Китай, Южная Корея и Объединенные Арабские Эмираты, которые заинтересованы в новых технологиях быстрого и малозатратного строительства.

  • Авторство проекта принадлежит инженеру Никите Чен-юн-таю. Изобретение получило название Apis Cor и вполне может стать первым среди революционных 3D-принтеров, считает издание Kronen Zeitung.